What do I love as much as writing romance?

Critiquing it.

I’m a writer, just like you are. And I’ve read and re-re-reread my own manuscripts dozens of times. Critique partners can provide fresh eyes to point out things we may have glossed over, neglected to emphasize, forgotten to tie up – or when we have flat-out missed the mark. Nitpicky grammatical errors usually get overlooked because what we really want is someone to tell us when something isn’t working. What we need to know is if a big-picture issue is making or breaking our opening pages, or our entire story.

Let me help with both issues!

Maybe you’ve finished a manuscript and have tried the critique partner route. Or perhaps you’ve tried writer sites where you share critiques. But let’s be real – sometimes, it’s hard to find critique partners who either share our vision or read our manuscript in a timely manner. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable sharing in a group or with someone you don’t know. That’s where I come in.

I don’t share your manuscript with anyone. Not even my cats. And I read it quickly, provide a short synopsis and notes about characterization, pacing and plot. I’m a quick reader who doesn’t hold back out of fear of offending you (like friends, family, or even critique partners can do), but rather, I tell you up front what I see as issues and offer suggestions on how to fix them.

And the beauty is two-fold. Not only will you get a quick turnaround, you also don’t have to read my manuscript in return. It’s all you!

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