What are my credentials?

I’m an avid, fast, and conscientious reader.

I’ve read a lot of books. While that doesn’t necessarily make me an expert, I do know how a book is supposed to “work.” There has to be a story, there have to be characters that are relatable, conflict that’s driving the story, and a happily-ever-after (or at least a happy-for-now) that’s plausible and believable.

I graduated with a BA in English.

Again, that doesn’t make me an expert, but I do have an eagle eye for grammatical errors and typos. Will I catch 100% of them? Probably not. But I’ll ballpark it at 97.4%.

I completed an internship with a romance publisher.

During that time, I learned how to spot problem areas quickly, identify a writer’s strongpoints, and offer both general feedback and concrete ways to strengthen the rough spots. I love offering suggestions or tweaks that you are free to choose or dismiss. My hope is that I can supply you with ideas and critique you find valuable and can work with.

I’m working on an editorial certificate.

Once I complete my courses, I’ll be able to call myself an editor. For now, as I work towards my goal of becoming a published author myself, l am taking classes one at a time. In the meantime, I can provide an affordable service with my present skills.

I have references.

My previous critique partners!

Lauren picks out plot holes like a toddler picks out peas from a pilaf. Her keen eye for finding what’s not working is augmented by her incredibly helpful suggestions that not just fix, but make things so much better.

Sheryl Stein, author of women’s fiction and Young Adult, @wrekehavoc

Lauren helped make my query letter shine and provided invaluable suggestions for my YA contemporary novel. Whether you need help with your query, big picture elements such as plot and character development, or a line edit of your pages, she will be thorough, prompt, and detailed. With Lauren, you’ll get high quality work at rates that are much lower than most other editorial services. I highly recommend her for all your critiquing needs!

Ann Marita Miller, author of YA romance @stannie04

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