How does my service work?

Freesy peasy.

Nothing’s easier than free, right? So we start out on the same page, your first 20 pages are free. That means, you send them, I read them. I send back my critique, with comments and notes. (I prefer Microsoft Word Track Changes, but I will use GoogleDocs if that’s what you work in.) This is to ensure we’re clear as far as what you expect from me and what I provide.

You likey?

Send me the rest of your manuscript. Within one week, I’ll send back a “readers report,” including one-to-two paragraph synopsis, general thoughts on pacing, overall character arc, plot, and other big-picture issues. If you have questions, feel free to ask! I strive to be easy-going and openly communicative. I want to help you get your manuscript as query-ready as possible!

And speaking of queries…?

I can help you with queries, too. Queries can be intense to edit and reconfigure so I’ll try to give you several versions to consider and together we’ll build one to fit your manuscript perfectly. Turnaround in two days if that’s all you need help with. Otherwise, we can work on it after I’ve finished reading your manuscript.

I accept Zelle and Paypal.

Until the end of 2019, I’m offering a full manuscript critique for $80. Romances only, where the romance is the central focus, with or without mystery/suspense, any heat level, any time period. 100k-word max; however, as industry standard is around 80K, I will likely recommend cutting at least 10k words. If time permits, I may be able to accommodate Women’s Fiction as well.

You may notice others offering various services for x cents per word – I’ll be honest. That just confuses me. I have a word-brain and I avoid numbers if at all possible. Might that change in the future? Absolutely – but for now, a general critique is a flat rate. Query-only help is $30.

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